Visual art rocks at Jack Hille Middle School. Welcome to a place where art meets life. Take a personal journey using imagination as your guide.

"I can create what I can imagine." Charles Kingston

Visual Art Interactive and Informational Websites

High Level instruction that explains the Elements and Principles of Design

Animated demonstrations using examples and concepts in works of art from museums, activities include creating your own compositions, with opportunities to see artists in action. This site is at The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts.

Multiple activity website with coloring pages, interactive drawing, art games, craft ideas, and much more.

National Gallery of Art helps children develop interpretive and analytical skills through interactive discussion of paintings and sculpture at this site.

The National Museum of African Art’s playtime is a place where children can experience a variety of interactive, culturally, relevant art activities

The Art Institute of Chicago allows visitors of this site to view the artworks in the galleries. Family activity events offered at the museum are displayed.

By entering this site, you can create a Jackson Pollock painting using your cursor to move the paint around and mouse to change the colors.